Chiang Khong to Thoeng

This was an 84 km trip as we went 7 km past Thoeng. We climbed a total of 444 meters up and went down about the same. Road condition were great and we got the hang of riding on the left side of the road.

While we bypassed the really bad smoke there was still Haze.

It was a bit of a warm day.


When you ride in 45 degree weather you drink like a camel and the water is often times warm from being in the bike bottles even for 30 minutes. We carried 3 full bottles, with extra in the saddle bags. Whenever we came to a hut selling water we would stock up.

That is why we went 7 km past Thoeng. Janis knew of a B&B with a pool. This was a real treat.
Lanna Thai Villa.


What a relief, and Sermsri and Steve were great hostess and host. They had a amazing garden.


Chillin in the pool
Janis and David

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